Kryptonite OÜ Has Launched A New Cryptocurrency

We are excited to announce that Kryponite OÜ has launched NPay Network.
The genesis block of NPay Network was created on 2018/10/02.

NPay Network is designed as a completely decentralized Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency based on the quark algorithm which was developed for the sole purpose of revolutionizing the traditional online payment system to create a new payment system based on the blockchain technology which will make online or in-store payments faster, anonymous and more secure.

NPay Network is not just another cryptocurrency off the blockchain technology, but a Coin purposely designed to be completely usable by merchants and customers and other individuals around the world. The usability of our coin including other associated
features such as security, speed and scalability will further boost its acceptability worldwide as it will be a significant means of payment in business worldwide.

NPay Network was developed as a Masternode coin and this allows its holders to receive a high block reward as it serves as a compensation for securing the network through locking collateral.

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